I often have a need for speed and as no longer race cars, i had to find a fix for this....

This led me to getting a Jetski and not any Jetski, a 2016 Yamaha FX-SVHO Waverunner. 

Whats so special about this one... its a 1812cc 4stroke with a Supercharger, thats 290hp with speeds of up to 115km/h over water.

Then a new total redesigned Yamaha FX model was released for 2019, so yes, i ordered the first one. A 2019 Yamaha FX-SVHO Cruiser 

My Green 2016 model now resides in Port Vila Vanuatu for my new business 'Port Vila Jetski Safaris' 

For anyone looking at getting a Jetski, you can't go past Farnleys Yamaha or a Yamaha

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